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Check the location of your loved ones and keep them safe even when miles apart.

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GeoZilla GPS Tracker App

GeoZilla is a GPS locator that can track your loved one's smartphone to offer both of you that precious peace of mind, knowing where they are and making sure they are safe.

Be in the know with

  • Real-time location sharing
  • Smart come and go notifications
  • History of their whereabouts
  • Stolen phone tracking
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How it works

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  • Locate your loved ones by their phone number or email

Over 30,000+ 5-star reviews

Works on both Android Phones and iPhones

Real-Time Location Sharing

Stay connected with your loved ones and eliminate the multiple "Where are you?" texts needed to coordinate your daily life.

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Jake, Washington, D.C.

“GeoZilla saved my relationship. My girlfriend has a habit of muting her phone when she's out. I used to go crazy when she wouldn't pick it up for hours. GeoZilla offered me that precious peace of mind knowing where she was.”

Real-time Tracking

"Honey left Home"

GeoZilla alerts you when your loved one leaves home, or arrives at a place.

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Brian, Springfield, FL

“I've just started dating this beautiful girl, but I noticed her profile was still active on a dating app. I wanted to make sure she's not seeing other people. GeoZilla was the perfect solution.”

Places Alerts

Location History

See where your loved one goes as far back as 336 hours. Trace back someone's location, or a lost phone.

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Janine New York, NY

“My husband is addicted to gambling. He really wanted to quit, but needed that extra nudge. GeoZilla helped hold him accountable. With the app's location history I know he's sticking to his promise.”

Location History

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